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First off, we are going to talk about composting! With suspension of brown bin and recycling services there is going to be a lot of excess waste! One solution is to start composting our food scraps, waste paper and garden rubbish but if you’ve never composted before this might be a bit daunting! Never fear, Belville is here! ? There are several solutions that could be used but we’re going to focus on cheap, quick
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Hi guys, welcome to blog number 2 on “Make Room for Mushrooms” project. In the first instalment I explored my research into fungi and the process I took in order to try and grow outdoor mushrooms in a raised bed located in BCGT. They will fruit in the spring. In this blog I will go through the process of growing oyster mushrooms in buckets. Sounds crazy I know, but it works and can be done!
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  Hi, my name is Jonathon, I am 24. I volunteered at Belville Community Gardens and now I am on a Future Jobs placement through the TRUST Inverclyde. I am currently based in Belville Community Gardens as a chef and with a new job comes new challenges, one of which is cultivating mushrooms! Not long after I started at Belville, me, my boss Laura Reilly, and one of the volunteers Jason McIlroy, submitted a video
My name is Bryan Watson and I’ve been a volunteer at Belville Community Garden Trust for just over a year. I really enjoy working on this project as it gets me out of the house and into the fresh air. The team are great too! Over the last few months I took on a disused corner of the gardens as my own personal project. I’ll be using this blog to keep everyone informed on how
This week a lot of progress has been done on the project corner with the help of Jason. With his help we managed to get a considerable area landscaped. Two steps have been dug into the ground with an access ramp at the side also being constructed (ideal for wheelbarrows etc). Slabs have also been placed to create a stepping stone effect path. On the upper step the slabs will be surrounded by grass as
Garden, March 2018
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