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© Serge Chabert Photography

Visit of Ian Stewart to Belville Community Garden

Ian Stewart (Under Secretary of State for Scotland) and his team visited Belville Community Garden Trust and were given a tour of the garden. Photography © Serge Chabert Photography  

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First off, we are going to talk about composting! With suspension of brown bin and recycling services there is going to be a lot of excess waste! One solution is to start composting our food scraps, waste paper and garden rubbish but if you’ve never composted before this might be a bit daunting! Never fear, Belville is here! ? There are several solutions that could be used but we’re going to focus on cheap, quick […]

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Hi guys, welcome to blog number 2 on “Make Room for Mushrooms” project. In the first instalment I explored my research into fungi and the process I took in order to try and grow outdoor mushrooms in a raised bed located in BCGT. They will fruit in the spring. In this blog I will go through the process of growing oyster mushrooms in buckets. Sounds crazy I know, but it works and can be done! […]

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