From the newly fitted kitchen space in the Belville Community Garden offices local residents can access a free 5-week vegetarian cookery class which will take them through a series of basic kitchen skills and provide valuable knowledge on reducing the environmental impacts of food waste. Information and support is offered on composting and alternative disposal routes for kitchen wastes alongside purchasing advice and cooking efficiency.

Our recipes focus on delivery of a balanced and nutritious diet and specialised diets (such as gluten or lactose free) can be accommodated. Small class sizes and dedicated staff support ensure that this is an enjoyable and worthwhile experience for all involved.

Our Vegetarian cookery course is designed to take the beginner with no skills through a series of practicals and training workshops.

Week 1 
  • Knife skills
  • Basic kitchen health & safety
  • Nutrition & Specialised diets
  • Practical skills coleslaw & fruit salad prep
Week 2
  • Veggie bean burritos focussing on seasoning with herbs and spices & home made tortillas.
Week 3
  • Tomato and basil sauce and carrot cake muffins focussing on batch cooking.
Week 4
  • Pizza making from scratch for a healthy alternative to a favourite treat.
Week 5
  • Smoothie making on the smoothie bike and class choice of either jam making or bread making workshop
  • Recap on food waste and efficient cooking.

Created by Born Brilliant