Here you will find a selection of healthy and delicious recipes curated by our staff.

Beanie BurgerTurn a tin of kidney beans into a gently spicy and budget-friendly veggie burger that you can whip up in 20 miutes.
Banana Curry RecipeBanana curry might sound a little strange, but it's delicious. Thick banana slices are sauteed with coconut oil until extra sweet and caramelized. They're cooked with your favorite curry spices, cauliflower, sweet potato, and chickpeas for a healthy and filling vegetarian curry.
Chickpea Ratatouille and Couscous (vegan)Easy, healthy and budget friendly, this chickpea Ratatouille recipe is a sort of cross between ratatouille and a tagine, with a definite North African vibe from the cumin and coriander. It goes brilliantly with couscous or brown rice.
Easy Morrocan Couscous RecipeThis Moroccan couscous recipe is a simplified, vegan version of the traditional dish, filled with sweet raisins, crunchy almonds and herbs. It might not be authentic, but it makes for an easy, flavorful side dish. Serve it warm with roasted vegetables or your favorite protein.
Kwareb Al Patata (Potato Boats)This traditional Arabic main dish uses mince however you can substitute it for grated carrots instead or just make these boats without it!
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