Belville Street in the 1960’s

7 High rise blocks are constructed in the east end of Greenock, Each high rise was named after border towns, Hawick Court, Jedburgh Court, Kelso Court, Langholm Court, Melrose Court, Peebles Court & Selkirk Court. Each block contained 86 flats and were 16 stories tall apart from Hawick Court which had 76 flats and was 15 stories tall.


Photograph Bryan Ross Watson

Due to the blocks having flat roofs, leaking became a huge issue in all 7 blocks, To fix this issue, new pointed roofs were installed.


Photograph Bryan Ross Watson

Due to tower blocks becoming less desirable, No one wanted to stay in them, So it was decided that the blocks would be demolished. The first blocks to be demolished by high reach demolition excavators was Jedburgh & Langholm Court.


Photograph Bryan Ross Watson

The high reach demolition excavators moved in and began the demolition of Kelso Court.


Photograph Bryan Ross Watson

On March 10th at 2.30am, Melrose, Peeble and Selkirk Court are demolished in a controlled explosion costing £2.2million.


Photograph Belville Community Garden
Photograph Serge Chabert Photography


Belville Community Gardens is opened, providing a open green space for growing food for the local community.


Photograph Bryan Ross Watson

On November 15th at 4am, the final tower block on Belville Street, Hawick Court was demolished in a controlled explosion changing Belville’s icon skyline that so many people grew up with.


Photograph Bryan Ross Watson

On April 3rd, Belville Community Garden moved from the Pod in the gardens to the old council offices. This move provided us with useable office space, a community hub, a kitchen & a education room. The Pod in the gardens is now used as a workshop. The biodiversity garden was also completed & Laura Reilly took over as Belville Community Gardens manager.


We launched our Soup & A Blether drop in providing a free lunch for the community every Friday.


Photograph Bryan Ross Watson

After 4 years Butterfly Corner is finished. This was a project that 3 of our volunteers (Bryan Watson, Jason McIlroy & Michelle Markey) planned, constructed & completed using recycled materials. This turned a piece of neglected waste ground into a useable space.

Photograph Serge Chabert Photography

We also completed our community allotments which can be hired.


Photograph Bryan Ross Watson

Work began on preparing the ground for our new compost area in the gardens for composting garden & food waste. We also launched the Children’s garden on the top garden.

Photograph Bryan Ross Watson

On December 17th,Belville got its second Nissan E-NV200 Electric van.


Photograph Bryan Ross Watson

In January,due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Belville had to sadly close its doors to its volunteers & general public. But we were very busy making out food parcels for the community.

With relaxed COVID-19 rules, we were able to bring back gardening club to our volunteers. Our new electric van had its new livery installed which was designed by our volunteer Bryan Watson.

Photograph Bryan Ross Watson

We have set the wheels in motion for a new outdoor classroom area with a cabin at the bottom of the existing gardens. We launched our ‘Knit & Natter’ group. We also relaunched our Soup & Blether drop ins on Friday.

In July, after 4 years at Belville Laura Reilly sadly left the Belville team, Sally Clough then took over as the manager.

Johns electric van received the updated livery designed by Bryan Watson so that it matches our new van.

Work begins on the wildflower meadow down at the Beacon.


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