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My name is Bryan Watson and I’ve been a volunteer at Belville Community Garden Trust for just over a year. I really enjoy working on this project as it gets me out of the house and into the fresh air. The team are great too!

Over the last few months I took on a disused corner of the gardens as my own personal project. I’ll be using this blog to keep everyone informed on how it’s all going and will share pictures as we go along.

It’s progressing well already: in recent weeks we received a large delivery of gravel that Ross & Fullerton kindly brought down to the Cabin for us. The gravel has now been put in place and this has considerably brightened the whole area up.

I’ve also cleared away about 24 feet’s worth of gorse (with still more to remove!). This has opened up a decent sized area of land behind the seating corner which has the potential to be used for some small planters. I’ll be planting flowers in this corner too so we have a colourful display to enjoy in the months ahead.

Most recently I demolished the old firepit then relocated and rebuilt it further up. I’ll be planting grass seed within the next week which will hopefully help that area grass over more quickly as this has been an issue in the past.

I’m enjoying having this part of the garden as my own project: it gives me a sense of responsibility. I hope you all visit both the garden and this blog often for updates.

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