Bryans Blog 10th March 2018

This week a lot of progress has been done on the project corner with the help of Jason. With his help we managed to get a considerable area landscaped. Two steps have been dug into the ground with an access ramp at the side also being constructed (ideal for wheelbarrows etc). Slabs have also been placed to create a stepping stone effect path. On the upper step the slabs will be surrounded by grass as to help them blend in with the grass that is already on that area. The rest of the slabs will be surrounded by the red gravel already being used at the seating area.
Further down the corner we have dug a trench in preparation for a new retaining wall as the current retaining wall is starting to deteriorate. The new one will be a lot sturdier as it will be constructed using 8ft posts and heavy duty wooden sleepers, this will create a sturdy long lasting wall..
This work has been done under the banner of the John Muir Award. John Muir founded national parks in America after he moved there from Scotland,like John Muir, we at Belville Community Garden like to encourage people to use and care for wild spaces.

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